Learn about how to get pregnant at 39

Looking forward for another child but is stress over getting pregnant because of age? Sometime, even healthy women that have never smoked and hardly drink, consume vitamins on a daily bases are also facing challenge getting pregnant at 39.

If you find yourself in this similar situation, please read on to find out how to get pregnant at 39. Your age is only one of the numerous factor in getting pregnant. If neither side of your family has any past history of problems, then you would probability stand a better chances in getting pregnant.  Go ahead to purchase some ovulation kits and testing for a month. This will assist  you in determining when you actually ovulate.

how to get pregnant at 39

Every woman will face a natural age-related drop in fertility. Some declines are quicker than others. If you couldn’t get pregnant within 6 months and really wish to have a baby, seek help to know what are the available options you can have to boost up your chances. 

At 39, your probability of getting pregnant during any month is less than 10%. Your eggs are growing older and it’s just keep getting tougher to get pregnant naturally. Sad to say, it usually takes longer to get pregnant the older you are. According to global research conducted, a woman’s fertility peaks between the ages of 20 and 24. Fertility rates remain relatively constant through the early 30s, after which they begin to decline sharply. At age 30 to 35, fertility is 15 to 20 percent below maximum. From age 35 to 39, the decrease is 25 to 50 percent. From 40 to 45, the decrease is even more drastic, 50 to 95 percent. 

One of the common advise coming from doctor will be to relax because if you are stressing about pregnancy so much, it will cause you not to be able to get pregnant. Quit smoking, caffeine and alcohol as well. These three substances enhance your likelihood of being infertile and having miscarriages, stillbirths, and congenital defects in your baby. When you cease taking these substances, you’ll certainly increase your fertility.

Even when age isn’t a factor, it can take a fertile, healthy couple a year to conceive. So, don’t despair. I recommend visiting this site to learn more about  how to get pregnant at 39. Charting your fertility indicators for a couple of months can usually assist you to conceive and even if not, can point you in the proper route as far as searching for medical assist goes. If your cycles are regular, that is the primary favorable sign.

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